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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Health & Sanitation

One day Health & Sanitation program was conducted for communities of Mechuka site on December 25, 2011. The main objectives of the program was to create an awareness on practicing of sanitation to check common health problem. The participants were told about on common diseases which is caused due to poor sanitation knowledge emphasizing on personal sanitation, household sanitation and village sanitation, talked about water borne diseases as 80% of diseases is related or caused by taking contaminated water, family planning and immunization of children. As many as 22 participants from all walks of life attended in the program. Ms. Kago Yam, Project Supervisor brief the participants about Future Generations aim and objectives and its teaching methodology SEED-SCALE. A nurse from civil hospital Mechuka imparted the training program as a resource person saying that "health is wealth".

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