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Friday, October 14, 2016

Motivational follow up

October 8, 2016, a Self Help Group (SHG) follow up meeting was conducted at Mr. Likha Thomas's house who is a Yazali SHG federation leader and member in Central Coordinating Committee (CCC) for SHG under Future Generations Arunachal (FGA). Respective SHG leaders from far-flung village participated in the meeting. The main objective of the meeting was to know what is currently going on in the groups in terms of program and activities and what they do with loan amount received from FGA? They are thankful to FGA that many awareness and training at grassroots level was conducted in the past and now for the group to march ahead, supporting some sort of loan amount to take up income generating activities to strengthen the group. Besides this, they feel that time to time if possible FGA should organize skill based livelihoods training for its member and the villager at large.

Second follow up meeting was organized at Mai Village under Yachuli circle. Mrs. Nikh Aka is a Yachuli SHG federation leader and member in CCC. It was good to see in both the meeting that Male also actively participating in the group activities which is not seen earlier as cited by the women folk. In the beginning they faces challenges from their husband and male folks now the things are changing and supporting in the activities. They shared that every group have savings habits and manages bank accounts. for income of the group they do activities like working in someone's field or in construction site and what amount they received save in the group accounts. The follow up meeting was supervise by Gobi Nyodu and accompanied by Mone Gurung, FGA.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

SHG members in action

Today on 1st August, Mr. Kumar Sona, male volunteer and husband of Digi Sona, a group member visited FGA office, Itanagar and share the news report of Mechuka site's women activities. He also shared printed Photographs of activities being carry out by the SHGs in the area. The photographs is scanned and share here.

Monday, June 27, 2016

FGA program review meeting

 A program review meeting of Future Generations Arunachal (FGA) was held on 25th June 2016 at its one of Primary Health Center (PHC) in Sille. The meeting was organized in consultation of FGA Board Chairperson Mr. Omak Apang. The main agenda of the meeting was to integrate the activities of FGA under one model program where maximum opportunity and benefits goes to communities so that FGA could scale up to cube through its collaborative activities. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Tajing Taki, Zilla Parishad Member (ZPM) of Sille-Oyan Block and other official viz.Atul Tayeng, ED, FGA, Dr. Tage Kanno, PPP Consultant, Mr,. Manoj Kumar, Manager, DPTE, Medical officers of Sille PHC, ASHAs-cum SHG leaders and Staffs of FGA.

In the meeting members felt that FGA's program should be holistic integrating mother's training & healthcare, SHG activities for livelihood promotion and role of organic initiatives for healthy living. Members expressed individual views and opinion and suggested valuable input points how to scale to next level integrating healthcare program, SHGs and Organic.Dr. kanno is ready to re-start the mother's training in the health center as most PHC staffs are already trained how to organize the mother's training and also suggested to FGA that staff capacity and community training should be start in Thirizino utilizing the PHC, staffs and ASHAs if fund provision is made in this regard. Mr. Manoj kumar also ready to give his best capitalizing the skills and knowledge on organic initiatives. Mr. Atul Tayeng, emphasized that a partnership program integrating PPP, CCDP and Siang Tea pvt. ltd.should be planned how staff training, manpower and resource mobilization could be used to facilitate the communities.

Mr. Tajing Taki expressed happiness the way FGA able to mobilizes the resource in rendering services to the local communities at the grassroots level. He accolade to the SHG leader now ASHA after listening the speech from them. He was confident that the program integration will immensely benefits the community at local level and wish the FGA to carry forward the objectives of the organization at greater height.

Mr. Nawang Gurung, Consultant, Future Generations moderated the meeting and point recorded to make a action plan for future course of action.

SHG orientation at Dambuk and Anpum circle

Future Generations Arunachal (FGA) organized two days orientation meeting for Self Help Groups (SHGs) in Dambuk and Anpum circle on June 21 and 22, 2016. The objective of the program is to expand FGA’s activities in creating awareness among groups to make them self-reliance through SHG livelihood activities in the area to make them a sense of ownership in developmental process. As the area due to its typical settlement remains cut off from other parts facing challenges in developmental activities. FGA trying to integrate this form women groups in FGA's SHG program radar.

Participants from all walks of life mostly women enthusiastically participate in the two days orientation program. The program was equally supported by Panchayat members (local governance) of Dambuk, Bizari and Anpum area and also Dambuk administration. The program was facilitated by resource expert Nawang Gurung along with FGA staffs.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

FGGS Arunachal Student Meet

Students from Arunachal who are pursuing Master Degree in Applied Community Change from Future Generations Graduate School, West Virginia, USA had meeting with Regional Assistant Academic Director (RAAD) for Himalayan Regional Mr. Nawang Gurung on June 16th 2016 at FGA office Itanagar.
In the meeting, Students discussed about the learning experience gain from Term-I India residential and the problems and challenges faced during the 1st Semester. Students also suggested to minimizes the number of assignments which makes students total over burden of it.

Later, RAAD discusses about the Term-II Nepal residential which is fixed from September 5 to 20 of 15 days residential learning period. He also advised and suggested to students to complete the Term-I due assignments by June 30, 2016.

The meeting was over after lunch and RAAD expresses happiness for the students participation in the meeting.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Follow up visit

To motivate the work of Self Help Groups (SHGs) on income generating and skill development activities, a visit to Palin was made on 27 & 28 May 2016. The visiting team Met Doni Yai SHG of Palin. The SHG is promoting by FGA under SHG federation led by Byabang Rocket. Doni Yai SHG currently engage on hand loom, weaving activities among them self. The group sale the product during local and national programs and festivals. The members are also supporting help to each other in their personal works. They are also interested to get education through which they can write their names, to put signature and basic knowledge of accounts maintaining. In this regard, they hire some literate person to teach them in their meeting hall. Other group members are engaged in Cardamom gardening in Palin area. Cardamom will change their social status if the production is profitable.

Later team visited Learning and Doing Center of Palin. The news is not good as villagers are encroached the larger part of its area and the condition of the LDC is also in a miserable condition.

The follow up team was accompanied by Atul Tayeng, Executive Director, FGA.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

FGA Annual Board Meeting

Annual Meeting of Future Generations Arunachal (FGA) Board was held on 14th May, 2016 at FGA Office Itanagar under the chair of Mr. Omak Apang, Chairperson, FGA Board. The meeting had dealt at length on work of the FGA, future visions and urged all to contribute to achieve next step of scaling up. Members resolved that FGA program should be comprehensive based integrating health, skill development, SHG activities and initiative on organic movement.