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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Equity & Empowerment: Graduation Reflections

Equity & Empowerment: Graduation Reflections: Today on the blog, our Chief Academic Officer, Christie Hand, takes the time to share with us just how special the last residential...

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Strengthening SHGs,Transforming lives...

 Future Generations Arunachal (FGA) organized three days Training-cum Exposure to Women Self Help Groups of Dambuk sub-division at MAhila Shakti Kendra (MASK)-A women empowerment center, Balipara, Assam from 7-10, October 2017.

The main objective of the program was to build the capacity of the SHG members and to strengthen the SHGs. During three days program, the SHG members were enhance knowledge on Credit and loan, Records and its management, meeting proceedings and how to help each other.

An interaction meeting was held on the last day with SHG members of Shamloga goan under Balipara which is promoting by MASK organization. Later in the evening the members visited Tezpur town.

A total of 12 members participated.

Friday, June 2, 2017

capacity building training on Health

Future Generations Arunachal in collaboration with local administration Organized three days capacity building trainings for SHGs of Dambuk on Healthy People, Healthy Communities from 27-29, May 2017 at ADC Office Dambuk.

The main objective of the training was to train the mothers as health provider in basic home-based health care which includes knowledge on pregnancy &safe delivery, family planning, Sanitation, prevention against water borne diseases and first Aid etc.
Attending the valedictory function, Mr. Baling Perme, Anchal Chairperson exhorted the participants to apply the knowledge gained from the training in the respective Communities and appreciated the organizers for organization such important training programs for mothers. Later he distributed medical kit boxes to all the participants in presence of Panchayat members and head of departments.
Medical Officer, CHC Dambuk, AE-PHED, CDPO also participated as resource persons from Dambuk while Dr. D. Pait and A. Mize from Sille PHC were the  key  resource person and mentor of the program.
As many as 70 participants from Bijari, Bomjir, Yapgo, poblung and Dambuk enthusiastically participated in the training program held at Dambuk ADC Office.
The training program was supported by Hon’ble MLA, 42 Dambuk Assembly Constituency and equally guided by Executive Director, FGA Shri Atul Tayeng and the program was arranged by Mone Gurung Program Coordinator and Ms Gobi Nyodu Project Supervisor.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Towards sustainable livelihood through income generating activities...
Lumi Naksang, President, SHG federation Mechuka started Homestay for the visitors and guests.

Group members selling their products in the festival other then running tea stalls.

 Take photograph in traditional dress and pay for it.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Group Motivation Training at Dambuk

Program/Activities: Group Motivation Training at Dambuk site
Date: 17th- 22nd October 2016

The major focus of Comprehensive Community Development (CCDP) project is to build the capacity of the community integrating the community level activities for empowerment-based sustainable development drawing on Future Generations Arunachal (FGA’s) experience combining with current Seed-Scale understanding. To this end, motivation trainings and follow up of new Self Help Groups (SHGs) in the communities of Dambuk area and formation of more groups in these sites have been started. There is inbuilt design to measure impact with regular follow up and monitoring of the groups. The ultimate objective is to set up a Learning Network support system for Communities including Self Help Groups using peer mentoring between old and new sites.

Activities: Group gathering, lectures, group sharing, group exercises, games and power point presentation.

Topic covered:

1.       Why group is necessary?
2.       What are the benefits being forming group?
3.       What are the expectations?
4.       Role of Group leader
5.       How to strengthen the group?
6.       SHG federation formation of Bizari area

1.       Importance of monthly group meeting.
2.       Registers maintenance
3.       Recording of the meeting minute
4.       Work-plan, budget  preparation format
5.       Loan application procedure
6.       Project proposal

Villages covered:
1.       Dambuk hq.
2.       Yapgo
3.       Bizari
4.       Bomjir

No. Of SHG participated: 12 SHGs                            No. Of Members attended:

1.       Kadang Ane SHG- Dambuk                          12/10 members
2.       Parik Ane SHG- Dambuk                                               10/09
3.       Poblung-C SHG- Dambuk                              12/10
4.       Midum SHG- Bomjir                                        11/08
5.       Minam SHG- Bomjir                                        11/07
6.       Munpung SHG- Yapgo                                   12/10
7.       Sodum SHG- Bizari                                           13/10
8.       Agam SHG- Bizari                                             12/09
9.       Ayang SHG- Bizari                                            13/10
10.   Mirep SHG- Bizari                                             10/09
11.   Tipo SHG- Bizari                                                                10/07
12.   Arsang SHG- Bizari                                           10/08

Total members attended in the program: 110 members.

Program analysis:

Success: Enthusiastic participation of members in meeting-cum knowledge based training called beside their busy schedule.

Weakness: Lack of knowledge, confidence among the group members. Still not sure what changes will bring if join or work collectively.

Opportunity: To scaling-up the Future Generations community development program in the area where participants supporting and cooperating in the activities is good.

Threat: High expectation from the community in terms of skill based and knowledge based training.

Unfortunately, Anpum follow up was called off due to Program Coordinator’s health disturbance and at the mean time postponement of gathering day by the Community of Anpum groups.